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Another Hill Country Road

Another Hill Country Road

Lot's of beautiful back roads thoughout the Texas Hill Country.  The wildflowers are wild this year!


(a minimal amount of wild flowers were squashed in the taking of this photo)


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Is the “Hill country” a large area ?

Nothing like back roads.

Looks like there are lots of little yellow flowers to go around! Another excellent shot, highlighting a beautiful bike!

Here's Wikipedia's take on the Texas Hill Country...

Thanks ... that looks like excellent riding country

Another great pic Charlie. I have the Honda triple tips on mine but like the look of the stacks. Not as long as yours. I have some tips the same length as the standard tips I’m going to try soon maybe when we get back from the grand daughter visit.

Those triple tips are highly coveted here in the could get top dollar for 'em!

Hildr's stacks were installed by the original owner (I'm Hildr's second owner). They're 4 inch Peterbilt truck stacks. I installed the tips made by Grumpy's Exhaust Tips. Unfortunately, Grumpy is retired.

Yeah, I know I paid good money for them when I got them years ago. Not getting rid of them, just considering a little change for a while.

I'm sure those few wild flowers popped right back up after you left

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