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Another possibility for the CC trip.


I like that. We could start at the north end and go to the south end. That way I could do the tail of the dragon on my way back to drop the bike off in Knoxville. Those that have done the tail could ride with me or head on home.

Looks good to me

Looks like a fire watch tower. We have lots of hem in the hills.. That would be fun.

So how do we make a decision with where to go. So far I'm not hearing much from the easter side of the country. Do know Capt would like to be fairly close to him. Strattlerock did sign in 2 weeks ago. He is from this area.

We vote I guess. I say we do a rolling meet. of the blue ridge parkway. Starting at Waynesboro and ending at Cherokee.It's supposed to be very scenic. That would be easy 150 mi days with plenty of time for food drink and fellowship. Then those who want to go on to the Dragon can.
as for when.... Tornado season runs march to june although I have often traveled during those months with no issues Randy has history with twisting winds, so with that in mind I guess July will be good for you guys coming through the central states

I won't be worrying about traveling through tornado alley as I will be flying in. I'll rent a bike for the days we are there. It will save me time and money. I can get time off whenever just as long as we set the dates early.

In put from others??
when looks good to you guys???

Hmm, now I'm confused. If I take time off from being retired , do I have to go to work or just be tired?

Just rub it Edwin

I'm with you Edwins, looks like Bonita is hanging it up too, finally. We are both looking forward to our next CCC meet up.

I'm soooo jealous of you guys. I never get to retire. Nurses in Texas don't get those benefits. We work till we die cause social security doesn't even pay our base bills

We're good with Waynesboro to Cherokee. Let us know the dates

Sounds like a plan, Will. Patt says probably next year. I was looking at Herrman and Hwy 19 and came across this.
Sounds like a plan.!1s0x87a4f288b83ebe47:0x3e765c1c...

That looks like a good spot too. both rides.There all about the same mileage for me so I'm in If I can get away. I have to start working on stuff to save some $$$ for both Australia and CC run. Work sucks I have better things to do than work..Pick a spot and make some plans. ALL you eastern guys what do you say? So far all the places I have seen will be a great place to meet up. June or July would be OK for me.

Ok, sounds like it is the rolling Blueridge Parkway ride for June. Wayne it is cheaper to fly and rent a bike. That is what I will do. Was thinking of Australia in March. Have to see about how the money is. Hopefully my daughter's job holds. She is back in the funeral services business 90 day trial basis. At least with you work Wayne, you get to pick when you want to do it unlike the rest of us don't get much choice.

Ok well we are making headway... Now. I work Sat and Sun so I will leave here on Monday. It is just under 1500 mi from my house to Waynesboro so I say a 2 1/2 day ride that puts me there on Wed. Which week of June do you want?

I'd say go for the 1st week before people start vacationing. If you work on Sat, Sun, 2 1/2 day ride and then back, that won't leave you any time to ride the parkway. I am assuming you will be asking for that weekend off or arrange a switch.

Yes Randy I will put in for my vacation so I will have '12 days for the trip. Actually only 11 cause I will need a day at home to do laundry and rest. Smiley-laughing
I like the beginning of the month also. It's cooler.
So if I leave here the 3rd. I will be there the 5th. Then there is 3 days of ridding about 150 mi a day so the 6,7,8 playing tourist Heck thats real doable for me

Yes, I always take several days off after a vacation to catch up on everything that was left go because of it. So are we going to say the date is June 6th leaving Waynesboro heading south on the BlueRidge Parkway to Cherokee, TN where it ends.
checking rental, flights, etc, it is about a wash cost wise whether I fly in and rent a bike versus riding. Difference being a week off versus 3 weeks. I may ride it and swing back up north on my way home so I can stop in SD to see my parents, a friend in Wyoming, and hopefully be able to do the Beartooth Pass that I couldn't do last time.

Hay Val; I could meet up with you and ride together. So once we have a firm date then I can make some real riding plans. I will just have to leave here a day or two early to catch up with you. I'm ready now..

Thats a plan Wayne

Need a consensus soon cause folks need time to make plans if they are riding. Motels, food, Pstops (ME).. tire repairs and some spending $$$ for the fun things.

Yes particularly the dates so lodging can begin. Appears to be fairly popular area, thus need to have date set soon so we can start making reservations and getting the message and invites out.

Well, I would love to go with you Guys & Gals for a ride around the USA but there is NO WAY I would ever be able to Climb the Stairs of that TOWER ... Holy Crap - it looks higher than the EYEFUL AWFUL TOWER in Frogland ...
RIDE SAFE - BUT Easy on the Stairs Please ...

No stair climbing required. I would sit at the bottom with water for the others when they get down. Come sit with me Smiley-laughing

Me neither. I'm Federally excused from doing anything involving work or exercise . 100% disability rating. Sitting is good.The zombie bit sucks but the cybernetics have their advantages. Just saying. I really freak out the TSA folks, Make the screen light up like a Christmas tree.

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