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April contest-My Riding Partner

April contest-My Riding Partner

Hi this is EYNSTYN  you have seen him before (my profile pic)  well he's 9.5 yrs now,  got him when he just fit in my hand.  Some punks threw him out of a car when it was 40 below zero and i couldn't say no so i kept him.   He likes hanging around the bikes when we do mantenace and knows the sounds of our bikes, hes always happy to see us when we get back.   or he's just humoring us and wants to eat.


Own Photo: 


He sure has nothing to complain about when I look at him!!! Nice story and well done the way you took and still take care for him.... (What a bloody fools to throw a animal out of a car window!)

That is cool, I agree with Gert on the animal part.

oh come on!
It´s not NOT your partner! -- It´s YOU!!!

Glad you was able to save him. Nice pic

Soo ..Allen you mean that eynstyn is still alive???
eynstyn the cat????
OMG how happy it makes me.. lol

That is so great that you rescued that beautiful animal. I live next to a park that is used as a animal dumping ground and see some very bad things. I try to save those I can and take them to a no kill shelter. It makes me happy to know that there are others who feel the same.

That is the Right way ! Good Feel to hear your story about takin care of EYNSTYN
Hes dooin great and do not starve I notice ! Looks Good ! Thanks for doing this !

Let's find those PUNKS and toss them out the window!

That's the way I took it Polssken

Wow I could not get any of my critters to sit still for that

Good karma for you ... !

I agree with you Marek, I don't think I have seen a pic otherwise to say this is a HUMAN being. I would like to see pics of how he rides the bike though.

He looks cool in that get up. He looks a lot like mine. He was thrown out as well but he was grown up & gotten mean not to me. There was nothing allowed to come in his area it may be I think he has a little touch of Links in him. He had a girl friend cat, but he's so hard to get along with he whipped her ass & she left as-well.

yup, even if a dog steps on his property he will chase them off. he's taken on a boxer and won.

EYNSTYN 1 , boxer 1 bloody nose

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