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From the Archives # 8

From the Archives # 8

Yours truly riding the Dragon.



Some nice snap Vardy with plenty of memories no doubt.

Lots Dub; but unfortunately, with the passage of time and diminution of brain cells, the memories are fading. Time to go back and create some new memories!!

Some cool photos there.

Gloss black, its a rental so I can say that.

Agreed Drew ... stealth/matte black would not be my choice if I as buying. Gloss black with some very small metal flake would be my choice.

That is the funniest looking Dragon I have ever seen. LOL

Peter it would be nice to go with a big group from here and travel the US/Canada. Time and money. Although time will not be an issue shortly.

Nice action shot

Harley called it Denim Black, so I found out, the hard way.....

Cool pic

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