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Are these available in Canada?


there's days those might work........funny:)

Sounds about right for today Tony.
Do I need a prescription or can I get it over the counter?

I could use a handful myself.

Yeah, I'd be standing in line with ya..

Yikes, I should be more careful about how I phrase my comments.
" .... get it over the counter ... " It is tax time after all. LOL!

LOL ,Or just get a bike & do it naturally

LOL, Randy, I wouldn't care how we get them long as we get,,I'm in need!!

Those pills are my everyday breakfast!!!!

In Australia we use Bundy (Rum) has side affects tough

They will be free on Obamacare but there will be a $50 tax.

And distributed in the middle of the freaking desert with no where to park other than a massive parking lot that the government charges 50 dollars a head to use, not to mention 20 for a bottle of water. Hell, now you've got me thinking like a politician! lol,

Do you need a prescription?

Do you think one would be enough

Are you kidding me? lol, One every couple of hours,

ha,reminds me of a chill pill I saw

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