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This was today!! It has been snowing the past 2 days!! Heavy wet snow. ARGH!!!


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akfjdalkdhgaehtohtiapiodiaaoiifhafaf/. How's that for cussing. Definitely not biking weather. Hopefully Scruffy and I don't see any of it this next week heading down to Castro Valley, CA to visit Phil. Will be on the chill side in the am with lows around 40 predicted. Highs 60-70 predicted.

Dear oh dear oh dear !!!! Looks awful. Sorry, Bill.

OMG! That's not looking good Bill. And it's already so late in the season. Last year at the same time you could make your first rides already isn't it? Sorry to see this my friend, hope it'll change very fast now!!!

Bill....bugger! Hope it moves on soon.

Will it ever end? It just got finished raining hard and 20 min of Hail 1/4 in round. I love Global warming don't you Bill?
Some day you will get a ride in

Say it 'ain't' so Bill. Man, what a bummer!

That's the price you have to pay, to live in God's country.

Nah....that's us down under Drew.

Phil wants it all! Send it to him please

Your trying to trick us with an old photo aren't you.

Damn that sucks. Hopefully it won't last long

That's terrible

Hopefully it'll stop and be gone soon. We had that crap a week ago, 4 ft less than a month ago. It's all gone now but the salt is still sticking around. Please keep it up there Bill, don't send it south

He just might. They don't call him Voodoo Bill for nothing !

No old photo. It's new!!
Yes Gert this time last year I was riding already.
I'll see what I can do Steve. LOL.

Oh No !! I have put the snow blower away !!

Make Roadie shovel it, if it does... LOL.

Its hard to get work out of him. And if he does. He screws it up.


Have fun with the ester egg hunts in that stuff!!!

Glad we don't get that stuff here. A bit up the hill they do, but not us fortunately.

It's been melting and tomorrow calls for +7C, so hopefully it goes away.

I hope so Bill.... Would be very strange snow if it didn't melt with +7! Than you would have a real big problem!!!

I tried sending you some sunshine and Heat but it wouldn't stay in the envelope sorry

LOL ,Val.

Time to move south, Bill!

But not all the way to Australia south

Same crap today. ARGH!!!!

Hopefully it is still white versus brown. The brown crap smells.

Beautifull weather here Bill.

Oh it's WHITE alright Randy. LOL.

Thanks Al. LOL.

But for some reason it usually ends up turning brown. OR yellow in certain spots.

Just don't eat yellow/brown snow. LOL.

You mean it comes in colors! !!! LOL

Yep, Just don't eat it !

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