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Arvo ride

Arvo ride

Took a little afternoon ride out to Illinbah near Canungra, saw this detour bridge and thought it would make a nice pic


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That is a great pic! Your bike is looking sweet!

Great shot. Deture to where? Very nice bike..Red my favorite color...

Thanks, and its nice being so close to these roads great Gold Coast roads.

Actually Wayne the road I'm on is just a little bypass causeway and the bridge in the back ground is the main one. Never been on this road before it just goes to a dead end valley, I roader for about 12km before turning around.

I always like to explore new roads in my back yard, very beautiful valley too.

Great shot.

Are you sure that rickety bit of firewood is the main bridge...says a lot about good old iron bark for bridge building!
Great backdrop for a bike shot though, nice one Spratty.

I have been on the good and the bad end of things on dead end roads. Nice that this is good

I do much the same here I take the roads Ihave not been on ever if they are dirt. I have on ocation been runing at speed and the pavement ends and now I am on a old Dirt path. The is what it seems at 50-60 mph. Makes riding kind of fun once in a while. One of the OH NO moments.

Looks good Spratty nice back drop. Are you taking the Nomad or the other for WH 9.

Ray I'm taking the Tiger this year.

"Beautiful valley" indeed! Great new road backyard find, too!

Good eye for a backdrop for your gorgeous Nomad.

Lovely pic Dave.

Great Piccy - those bridges are a bit tricky sometimes - I have seen most of them in Sth East QLD when I used to live up there many years ago - and by the looks of it, that one looks to be about average of what are remaining on the lesser used crossings ... that Dead End Valley might be where the local 'CROP' is growing ???
Cheers - Ride Safe ....

Don't know Greg didn't get to the end, but it was starting to have a feeling of Deliverance about it.

In heavy rain I'm guessing the lower road I was on would be well and truly under water. Maybe they made this lower detour for bridge repairs when needed.

Yeah, Maybe the DEAD END - Road may be a good indication of exactly that ???
Cheers - Take Care & Ride Safe ...

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