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Aussie T-Shirt Arrived

Aussie T-Shirt Arrived

CC T-Shirt arrived today.




I have one of them. By that I mean the glasses and beard / moustache combo. Oh I also have the T Shirt.

Where is your smile Spratty? The shirt seems to fit well, or is it to tight? LOL

Nice pic Spratty!

No Gert hes also trying to give up smoking. LOL

I am smiling, Smiley-laughing

Don't let them bring you down Spratty, you're looking sharp brother Smiley-wink

Mr Coool!

Well that could double as a Wanted Poster!

What does that mean?, that you WANTED to be a part of the Aussie crew and enjoy our glorious weather and open spaces perhaps??? Hahahaha

Wanted by many but taken by one.

Tell me honestly Spratty what is the name of her Labrador ??

How about a shot of your mug Buddah or is it best kept

Ok where the hell are my TShirts!

Lookin sharp Spratty, I can see you are smiling ... Internally

Don't like to give anything away...

That's it Spratty, always hold your cards close to your chest, keep em guessing Biggrin

Im still waiting for my shirts mate. Must be karma I think , Yeah im pretty fugly

Looking cool Spratty.

Wayne....... In that case I'll keep smoking for a while! Very helpfull, thanks Wayne!!! LOL

A very clean cut Aussie rider! Smiley-laughing

You look like a Sergeant police take the picture

Looks good! Quitting smoking too? You will not regret it and neither will your family. Hang tough!

Nice pic! Good idea to cut the sign with your number off the
Nice shirt too!

Hang tough if you're trying to quit smoking. Your smile could be like mine, more of a smirk. My wife has learned to watch the mustache shift.

Don't listen to Buddah I gave up smoking 30 yrs ago thank god, he's just being Buddah, a s%#t stirrer.

Damn! I think I found my twin.

To use a Phil statement "WHO ME"

Thanks Spratty. lol

nice shirt I may have to get one of those

Nice shot mate looks good on too is that an xxxs size .LOL .

Look's good mate

It's a medium as I'm an athletic build.....cough....

That means I need a small. mmmmm better place an order b4 they are all gone

Wearing it well Spratty!

Like a grey hound a Spratty , lean and keen . LOL .

Thats not the greyhound saying I know Nobby.. It was something like All ribs and P*&%k

Spratty is a greyhound?
I guess the TShirt would fit this ine too!

Looking good spratty.

At the moment I feel like a racing greyhound.

Looking good bro, love the smile. When you remove the glasses what all come off with them?

Great pics. I added the CC Rider tag to make it show up in that section

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