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Autumn in Holland.. tonight will be the first freezing night!

Autumn in Holland.. tonight will be the first freezing night!


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Time to give the Honda a good going over.

Much like our weather. Trees r turning colors and rains starting

Love the rainbow. Wrap up the bikes and keep warm

Love the colours

That is a great picture.. It was 70F today with a little rain. Tomorrow I'll be getting a ride in finely. Stay warm..

Hope you still have some riding weather left Gert.

So sad! Hope you get a few more rides in.

Great picture, but sad that it's going to freeze. Hope you have little red ready.

Try some TopCoat F11 Check it out in youtube It's not cheep but it's worth every penny ( I'm not selling nothing ).

Little Red is ready! Next job is to prepare the Star for winter. Cleaning, polishing, and make the bike ready for wintersleep to let her stay in the shed for the next coming months. Little Red is all prepared for my “good enough weather” winter season rides...

Time to RUG UP and STAY WARM Gert .... Stock up on the Schnapps, it may be a long winter ...
Cheers & Ride Safe .....

Great shot. Looks like here. Yes, Its time for all us northern hemisphere to get ready for the cold weather. I now start using Sea Foam (a stabilizer) in the fuel and dig out the battery chargers. It may be a few weeks between rides.

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