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Autumn in Southern OZ

Autumn in Southern OZ

Nice cruise through the backroads today in the Autumn Sunshine ...  Winter only about 6 weeks away now - I'll need a bottle of LP Gas for my gas heater soon ... (Yes - I was parked on the wrong side of the road - No Police around here to worry about and I didn't feel like doing a U-Turn in the Traffic Smiley-laughing )
The Bike is running great and gets complimented on because is doesn't look like your average Vulcan 900 Custom with the mods and new paint ...
Cheers to All -
Ride Safe ...


Own Photo: 



What do you mean you were parked on the wrong side of the road. Looks perfectly fine to me. I would be doing the same. You don't hear much about autumn here as people don't use the word, they talk about fall colors. It is my favorite seasons due to the colors, the need to enjoy the nice days more as you know winter is approaching.

Looks like we are trading seasons. Things are starting to bloom here. If I road in you neck of the woods I would have to place a post it note inside the wind screen with an arrow pointing left to remind me what side to be on.

Nice photo mate!
It is going to get cold down there real soon, in the meantime, we still have early 30sC down here.

Beautiful shot Greg

Beautiful colors.

Nice photo FB best roads to rides are the ones less used...and no cops.
Poplars are usually the first trees to succumb to Autumn change but this extended summer is playing tricks on most of the trees at the moment, I expect winter will hit us with a sudden surprise and then we can have a real whinge about our weather.

Nice pic Greg!

Great shot Greg.
Dub, you are correct about the trees. We have a lilly pilly that still hasn't bloomed the berries.

You’re on the right side of the road, where I’m from we only have 2 seasons though. Winter and July

Nice pic Greg. Thanks for sharing. Its the perfect time for riding.

Sure is that - I just posted a vid that I done a few weeks ago when the Poplars were Green .... Hope you enjoy it ... Great Blues music too .... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe Everyone .....

Super nice pic Frostbite. Glad to see you riding.

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