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Baker City Oregon

Baker City Oregon

Look down street that is open only to bikes during Hell's Canyon Rally.



Nice lineup of bikes.

So when you say only for the HCR does that mean no bikes are allowed any other time or is that only in mass meetings.

I was at Baker City recently at the Oregon trail center but we didn't go into town, damn.

They block both ends of the road during the rally, vendors are set up in the middle, bike parking on either end, after rally roads open back up like normal.

Glad to see your back Steve. Looks like you all had the best time together.

Was this early in the day? Looks a bit thin. Was that way when I was there. Getting the rides in before it got too hot. Fluid replenishment when everyone got back into town.

Nice colorful shot

Sorry I could not be there. Was it hot?

Hey Billy, remind me just why we live up here again?????? Man we're missing out on some great southerners are so lucky.......

I think BC Canda has some great motorcycle roads, and views, I run up across border alot

You have some great areas up there Todd, you just need to ride a ways to get to them. Go west as they say. Just like many down here have to. Like Wayne says, the eastern parts of Oregon, Washington, pan handle of Idaho, South Dakota don't have much, but the western parts of them do. I have been through the western part of British Columbia, some beautiful country there.

For here, you have to ride south or further up north for the real cool roads.

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