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the barbacue at Marek's place after the poker run

the barbacue at Marek's place after the poker run

Gert and I got to meet all of Marek's family at the barbacue at his place after the poker run.  It was really great food and fun.  Although some of the time I couldn't hear what was being said, well I heard it, but didn't understand as the conversation would switch from English to Swedish.  Two of Marek's coworkers came over, the ones that rode with us in the poker run.


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Hmmmm...what is the pink stuff in the plates?

a type of cold soup that I have never had before. It was great along with everything else.

Always good to have food with friends after a ride

Having a good time and some fun. Nothing better.

Nothing better than a friends get together.

Great stuff !
Looking Very Inviting ! Smiley-laughing
Good onya all !
I wish .... !

Looks like Borsch to me. The soup I mean. Nice to meet up and have lunch together.

It's great that you all had such a great time. Those pics and memories are priceless

Yes they are priceless

Randy ... food and drink are universal languages. You don't necessarily need to understand what is being said.

True Peter but they could have been talking about me. lol

They probably were Randy ... but as you didn't understand what they were saying , it didn't matter .... lol !!

Even if I did understand, they could still talk about me in front on me as I only catch about half of the conversation when others are talking around me. Hearing aides have not been able to correct this.

Its a good chance. On my Mothers side they were all Italian. They would talk in Italian when they didn't want us to know what they were saying. Never the less, we were never taught the language.

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