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The beach boys...

The beach boys...


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Way to go guys! Great to see you together. Have fun ... stay safe!

Well said Gert. Great pic

The Three Amigos. No.
The Three Stooges. No.
The Three Bloody Idiots. Yes,
Good to see you all together.

You forgot your bikes. Come guys.

Good to see you guys all together.
Bikes would get stuck in the sand.

Marek you got lifts in your shoes!!

Don't ask us to sing otherwise your ears will never b the same

I swear you guys made a little mound for Marek or he has lifts in his boots cause he's just a short little fellow from what I hear.
Randy other than having brused up knees you look like you survived the trip. How long are you staying?

It's awesome what you're all doing, getting together like that. Good on you all.

Have a great time guys!

"An American , a Dutchman and a Pole who thinks he's a Swede walk into a bar ......"

Others can suggest a punchline ..... LOL

Please finish it Peter!

I leave Sun the 21st fly back Monday and Msrek is back to the bus

Peter, that's funny shit, LMAO

Hilarious !!

Once in a lifetime pic Randy. I'm sure you will remember this forever.

Have fun... Beach bums.... LOL.

Curly, Moe and Larry. Have a great time my friends..

The biker Boys shouldn't it be...great to see the brotherhood and CCC alive and well.

Enjoy the riding

Very Nice picture of three good friends !
Something You surely will remember! Smiley-laughing
Good on ya all !

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