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Beautiful night for a ride

Beautiful night for a ride

Nice riding weather tonight, however for a moment I thought I was in the prairies !



Happy Bike

nice pic, good to have a night ride.

That's a beautiful bike. The color looks nice with the background. What's the field behind it?

I think it will be a cornfield? ... I came across this wide open area just north of me ...kinda reminded me of the prairies in western Canada... I'm in Ontario - about 40 minutes from Niagara Falls

Ah, yes. Lots of corn in that region, no? I bet your bike would look great at the time of the harvest also Smiley-laughing

I am in upstate New York, not too far from where you are.

I may be riding to the St. Lawrence River (US side) this weekend.

Lots of corn...once the stocks come up get a better pic ...Upstate NY is beautiful ...Going up around Lake Placid? Long Lake? Or or are you going to take the Watertown route?

Great shot of a beautiful bike Gordo! It DOES kinda look like you’ve found a bit of the prairies there!

V-star, I believe we are in Kansas. Nice pic.

Great pic ... beautiful summer evening light !

Nothing more we can wish is it? A nice sunny day and a beautiful warm evening and time to go for a ride. To feel the fresh wind in your face and enjoy a nice ride.... Nice shot!

Nice photo! Spring is the most beatiful season, invites to making those pictures...

Two thumbs up on that one Gordo.

Nice backdrop

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