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Beautifull spring weather but no time for riding...

Beautifull spring weather but no time for riding...

It was about 6 years ago I painted the house so I had to do it again... the backside is ready now from left to right and from bottum till top including  the shed... the fontside is ready to paint, used the sandpaper and washed it all clean afterwards... few more days to go and the job is done... and if the news tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... it’s also done with the nice weather in a couple of days! Let’s not complain. This job needed to be done and I’m glad when it’s finished and done for the next coming years! 


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I know the feeling all to well.

I needed to do some trimming. And of course the weed eater wont start. Some really bad thing were said to it.

Home maintenance never ends!

Amen to maintenance never ending..I'm 2 years into a complete 5 room gut job and reno on my basement...this included right down to the foundation walls - spray foam, electrical, new studs, structural beams, plumbing - doing it all myself (although I had an electrician in to do the heavy wiring) - tiling the bathroom shower this weekend - and since we are just about at the leading edge of riding season, the tool belt will be hung up for summer - except for rainy days, of course

You guys are way to energetic, I just went out and found a girl that loves yard work and home repairs, married her, and then I went fishing and riding motorcycles. Happy wife, happy life right guys???

Same here. I didn't want to marry a sissy. And I got my wish. Yard work mowing grass and so on. She also rides her own bike too.

Not a Lot to Paint on a Brick House tho ....
Safe Riding when you get out there Gert ....

My list is 6 miles of bad road on a steamy August day with no a/c during rush hour long.

I just call a guy and when I get back from a ride it's done.. LIFE is GOOD..

I'm with you Wayne just call and keep riding. Life is Good. Gert with your short riding season I would be buying a unit and enjoying the riding more.

Been there and done that many times and I must say that the first ride after finishing painting was awesome.

Goes with out saying. I rather ride my motorcycle then a riding mower.

I am with you on that Capt. I have just over 1 acre to mow. That is two hrs I don't get back. During the summer I get the kid next door. I'm on the road again.

Problem with me is I'm too cheap and I'm too picky about my paint job. My paint job on the house lasted 15 years like it is supposed to. Very minimal prep work this time around. Most spray on paint jobs last 5 years at the most. I have time to ride now, but no bike. Bird is in the shop awaiting a new drive belt. I picked up a rock on the very edge of it. Could last 75,000 miles or shred in two in the next 15 miles. Playing it safe.

Replacing the belt is cheep insurance compared to it snapping. Our house is in plastic siding. No paint. Just wash it every so often.

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