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Beauty Treatment for My leathers

Beauty Treatment for My leathers

A little beauty treatment for my leathers.
Gave them a good clean.
Followed by some leather treatment.
Ending with a 15min sauna to help the wax and other beauty treatments penetrate the leather in all the nooks and crannies.



Great job Matt.

Now that is what I would call a passionate biker........or do you just have a kinky leather and chrome thing going, Lol !
Btw the leather looks great, I love the tanned look.

Its all part of the maintenance keeping your bags waxed and warmed.
The other bits and bobs of leather need it too so they can withstand the harsh conditions they exposed to on a ride.
Thanks Bill.
Now that you mention that Dub.
My wife does suggest that I spend to much time on my leathers.

Looks great, Matt

Which leather treatment do you use?

I like leather but one reason avoid on bikes. Capt Xero will need to treat his after this week of riding in the rain

Nice work Matt. No concerns with the chrome in the sauna?

Now that is dedicated!

And I suppose you did each tassle separately. That's a lot of work. And a sauna as well. Thats dedicated. Well done Matt

What treatment did you use?

I used Fiebings 4 way leather conditioner to clean them.
Then I wipe them down & give them a good coat of Fiebings Aussie Leather Conditioner.
Into the sauna for 15mins.
Let them cool and give them a buffing with a micro fibre cloth

No issues with the sauna Al, because it is infrared

Cool Matt.

Good job Mat. When are you going to join us on a Sunday ride to show us? Smiley-wink

Thanks for the info. They sell it at Walmart.

Looks like there's a few places around here that sell Fiebing's products.

First I watched the picture I thought you brought your leather to the sauna!!!! LOL

Hey Matt - I had to Read the Last Part of the Leather Treatment Twice - as First Read I thought it said - "a 15min sauna to help the wax and other beauty treatments penetrate the leather in all the nooks and grannies."

Those "grannies" would be a bit slippery after that all that Waxing ... Wheeeeeee !!! Smiley-laughing

Ride Safe ...

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