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Beechmont on my door step

Beechmont on my door step

Just recently moved house on the Gold Coast. After 20yrs at Burleigh Waters we decided we'd move closer to work at Nerang, so instead of a daily 40k round trip its now only a 10k one.

Which gives me more time to ride and with Beechmont literally on my back door step I'm making the most of it.

Tuesday a little 60k round trip down Numinbah Valley and today up and Over Beechmont and back via Canungra about 70k.

Oh how I should've moved years ago...and the new place we just love it. Best decision to date other than getting back into motorcyles of course...


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Nice one Spratty any move that improves lifestyle is a good one, bike is looking good!

Great photo Spratty
Wow 20 years in one house.
The longest I've lived in one house is 9 years and that is my current address.

Good move. I hate driving. No let me rephrase. I hate other drivers when Im driving

Dub, the bike is singing. Matt I won't be moving again for at least another 20, most stressful thing we've both done.
Val I certainly ain't missing the daily commute thats for sure and I hate those others as well..

Great job mate! Nice view!
Just 1 question.... where is the beach?
Just joking mate, its beautiful up there! Do you have a bit of land?

Steve, people said won't you miss the beach and honestly I can't remember the last time I went and we were like 3min away.

Same size land as we had at Burleigh the good old 1/4 acre block which is plenty big enough, we have a easement right along side our boundary so it's like pseudo acergae. Really quiet and so close to the best riding roads.

Trish and I went up there a couple of years ago. Top spot!

Sounds like a great move . You get to ride new roads, closer to work ,sounds like a win win deal to me.

Same roads I've always ridden Wayne but yes much closer to work and closer to these roads which means I get more time to ride yes definitely a great move, very happy

Numinbah Valley
Queensland 4211

That's good news Spratty. A move is as good as a holiday they reckon.
At least there's no extra travel time for Wild Hogs. Smiley-wink

Nice Move Spratty - Great Country there for sure - Much Better than Burleigh Waters, and so much closer to some good riding roads too ...
Ride Safe ....

Sounds and looks like a good move.

Yep happy as

Beautiful! The Gold Coast is definitely on my "bucket list"... just ask anybody I've ever talked to!

Well when you visit look me up and I'll guide you around on some amazing roads

That looks and sounds just Great. Good onya Spratty. Enjoy both the move and your rides ☺

Thanks Arildbt and your roads aren't too bad either. I have been following TMF on YouTube and he is up in your neck of the woods, makes me want to come on up for a tour looks spectacular.

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