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The beginning of the "Shadow Project"

The beginning of the "Shadow Project"

This is as I got started dismantling the 750; the wiring was a mess, luckily it didn't fry the switches or the relay box. (Please disregard the messy garage).... had to drop the fender to get the "melted" battery box out!


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Wow a melted battery. Could've been bad. Good luck getting it right

Good luck with the project

A garage isn't a garage unless there's a mess. That's when we are in our glory. Smiley-wink

Yeah I bought it from a guy who took it off the hands of the genius who fried it.... good news is, I got it for almost nothing! ... but now it's just been stored for almost 2 years, so I have some work ahead of me.... but that's why I got it!

Will you keep it original and just add bling or is there a plan? What can we expect to see at the end?

For now, the plan is to stay stock. I'll scrap the pillion seat & add a rear rack, put on some hard bags (that were on the VTX before the Viking bags), and eventually change out the pipes. I wasn't sure if I'd sell it once I got it moving properly, but I'm thinking I'll hang onto it & use it as a commuter to save mileage on my beloved 1300., bling it is!!

That sounds good along with K&N filter and some White walls, which go a long way visually on a black shadow; well at least I think so.....oops that's starting to look like my shadow!!

I don't think this Shadow will ever look as cool as yours, Dub!

You are to nice Alex but it is amazing how you can distract the eye from the ugly bits with a bit of bling and a good polish...!

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