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Benefit Ride

Benefit Ride

This is some of the bikes on the ride. The ride was to raise money for there city park and the under privileged children in the town. A local church and a local motorcycle club got this together


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I see a confederate flag or two. How controversial. The only reason the Yankees won is because they knew to win they had to devastate the south into submission. While the South's goal was not to devastate the North, but to remain separate. So the south had no strategy that would put an end to the war, only to exist. Glad to see we can all get along now.

Well, aside from the civil war......... that's a cool ride. In a society that seems to think that MCs are an evil bunch its awesome to see the teamwork of a church and an MC for a good cause. Good on them. As an ordained minister and an MC member myself I love seeing this stuff.

Good on you. nice to see.
On some Sundays expect to see a few bikes in the parking lot were we go . Not just Betsy and I.

That is excellent. Nice work!

The church and the club put on a good benefit. Meet good people for sure

Nice ride YOU got a great ride in and the church got the $$ to help folks out. WIN WIN I think.

Always nice to ride for a cause and hopefully the local news talks about to help dispel the myth that not all bikers are like 1%er.

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