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Between the rain showers

Between the rain showers

One of my regular visits to the cemetry and moms and dads memorial stone. (right above my saddle)
It always brings me peace, great memories and thankfulness to go there! They did a fantastic job raising the four of us kids!  :-) 
Dad passed away only 57 years of age, way too soon.
Mom lived well both physical and in spirit till she reached 89 years. She was my major mentor.
She always backed me up, no matter what, my whole life and I did the same to her. Her last 4 years she lived in a retirement home just a 5 minutes walk from my house. I had one of my guitars in her room and I often strolled down there and pulled off a music gig. I`d play and sing them old songs that I had listened to and learned when friends of my parents turned up at our house and the guitar, mandolin and the harmonica was played into the nights with great singing. I was about 12-14 years of age. At 15 I was allowed to stay up and play with them and that was great fun.
- Her last years she really enjoyed these sessions and sung along like a lot of the elders did and this made our day, both theirs and mine!  
She knew every single word in all them songs and she was the lead singer together with me! :-D 
Beast Mom and Dad Ever! Bless their hearts !  :-)



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Gots to visit the folks, I get it.

Well done Arild. Great way you put it into words

Well said Arild May they rest in Peace.

Good to have those good memories about your parents Arild! It looks very peaceful...

My father died three years ago, his grave is only 1500 meters from my home. I never visited it and I don't think I ever will. Only bad memories so I really don't know why I should go and visit it...

Sorry to hear that Gert,there's a lot of people in your situation and it's gotta be hard. much like Arild I have great parents, neither one is in great health but they're still living in their own house and doing fairy well. I fell blessed to still be able to say that.

Very nice Arild, very nice.

Very nice thoughts Arild

Beautiful story (and you know how I feel about the beautiful Intruders). Thanks for sharing that.

.... And you have a windscreen now?!

Project Gert , project. LOL
Get the wind off my chest but too much buffeting on my head.

Hé Arild, our heads don't take that much wind, we're both bald like a billiard ball!!!

Lol Gert ! Streamlined like noone else us two !
I need to get some kind of lowers to take away most of the buffeting but have not found yet. Had a 200 km ride without the shield yesterday and it was nice on my helmet but heavy on my chest! I like it without the windpressure !
I am trying to figure out a way to solve the problem. Smiley-laughing

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