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Bike Storage

Bike Storage

Visited a mate last weekend and found his custom Harley in a unique storage spot.
With four other bikes in his garage, he had no choice.



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Trish wont let me.... :(

They don't understand Steve. Smiley-wink

Been there, done that. Of course, I was single at that time. LOL Painted a bike in the kitchen.

My bike won't fit in the elevator. Lol.

Tried to slide mine into the mud room...wife was standing there - arms crossed, tapping foot...I get it out of storage at the end of April

Why would anyone question such a move ... ??? Works for me !!!

I don’t think it would make Simone happy! LOL

I measured. The handle bars wont go though the door. Besides I cant hide it from Betsy.

I had both mine in down stairs living room for 2 winters.....had a door on the down slope I got them in through. Nothing like tinkering with them inside like that all 7 months of winter. Didn't give the other half a say, I bought the dam house.......

My wife was frowning at me when I had the saddlebags and the trunk in the house while I was repainting them. They were drying in the house, the painting was in the garage.

I do my best work after Betsy had gone for the day. No questions asked.

Good thinking capt.

I restored an old XS2 650 Yammie in a spare bedroom of a flat I was renting - a Good groundsheet is essential though... I used to keep my R100/7 and then my R100RS inside in the lounge room - Big Sliding Glass Doors are Great for that Entry & Exit without any issues .... No Mrs, No Worries .... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ....

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