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Bill don't be dressing up any snowmen like this

Bill don't be dressing up any snowmen like this

Hang in there spring will get here eventually,  Blame those idiots for not putting an umbrella over that goofy groundhog when he came out of his hole.




Send him here. Its 85F. That will fix him!

I saw a bucket of water for sale this morning... "Snow man kit. Needs assembly"

Yes? Oh, you want to know if instructions were included...and price don't you Randy.

I saw one today, coming home from Ft. St. John. No joke either... It was a bike and rider all covered in ice from the wet road and it was also snowing.

Mad man. That is what that was!

I agree. That's exactly what I said.

Are sure it was really a man or was it a snowman?

Not sure, couldn't tell for the brown ice color. LOL.

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