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Bill's motorcyce salvage near Medford

Bill's motorcyce salvage near Medford

This is just the front part of his salvage yard.  Many more bikes out back on both sides.  Went there when I was thinking I might have to replace the front wheel on my Rebel.  The '05 front wheel had the same "casting" marks as mine.


Own Photo: 


Don't see any yamahas. You could spend hours looking through the stuff. Glad your wheels ok.

Good luck finding things in there.

Good to see that Honda maintained consistency with its casting quality ! LOL

As many as there were, you should be able to find what you need

They did have my front wheel if I decided I needed to change it

Now you know,no need to worry, Ride the Rebel

Geez, I would have fun there!

I could wander for hours at a place like that

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