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Bit warm here...

Bit warm here...

Picture taken of the local newspaper office yesterday.....52 degree Celsius.... and going to be the same again today....official temperature was 48.9.....but felt way hotter than that !



Wow !! A little more and you can broil a steak on the sidewalk.

Haha.... you got that right !

Wow! That's about 125F. We are expecting 42C today in Western Sydney, 45C on Friday.

That's warm, alright

That's beyond "Hot"!

Yeah sure least 44 degree Celsius all week !!

Turn up the AC and keep the unit in the shade. That is HOT I sure hope it isn't that hot this November.

Nothing like an Australian summer with hot sand & getting branded my the seat belt of the car.

It wont be that hot Wayne, January and February are our stinkers.

Stay cool mate.

Some places out west got 48C today. As Steve said, we’re expecting 45C Friday.

I'm hydrating with …… Beer Chugger

47 here again tommorrow!!!

Wow!! That is hot !!

And to think we are expecting Monday single digits at night and only in the teens daytime. That's in Fahrenheit.

-19.4444 Celsius for Saturday night.

Don't leave the brass monkey out !!

Smokin' HOT !

It's crazy hot...the kids are going it's way to hot to go outside and play !!

I remember when Bets and I were young and we had a Honda Twinstar. It was this sort hot one summer. we jumped on the bike to go to her family's house to jump in the pool. The heat off the road was like riding though an oven. Even the water in the pool was warm.

And they were great days back then.

Way too hot!!

Not at all Bill

It is for this boy Allen. 125 degrees is a killer.

I know what that sort of heat is like - TOO DAMN HOT !! I left Perth West Australia Early March 1978 and headed back east - it was 8:00am in Perth and 38*C then ... I stopped at a chemist and got a bottle of Salt Tablets to take along the way - I had a Round 2 Litre Water Canteen (like the old western style in looks) and was riding a Z900 Kawasaki back then - a guy traded it & $1,000 for my Ducati Dharma - The Z9 was loaded to the hilt and off I headed into the Heat - 48*C by the time I got to Coolgardie and by the time I got to Norseman it was 52*C and I was DONE IN - and the bike was suffering badly and I had to slow to 80kph (50mph) or a bit slower otherwise it would rattle its head off ... Had to do a top end rebuild when I got back to Wangaratta in Victoria ....

What a ride that was - I was stopping about every hour and taking 2 salt tablets and a couple of mugs of water with them and keep on going ... I stopped at a pub in Coolgardie and downed 5 x 10oz glasses of Lemon Squash and kept on going - having to fuel up every couple of hundred kilometers and fill up the water canteen - take more salt tablets and get back into it ... The Heat was getting to me by the time I was nearing Norseman and I was stopping every 20 or 30 minutes - more salt and more water and force myself back onto the bike and keep going ... I was Young and Reasonably fit back then and it still knocked the stuffing out of me that first day of the ride ... I camped by the side of the road that night and got a few hours of sleep at least ...

Thankfully the next day it was foggy in the morning and a good breeze developed during the day after the fog lifted about 10:00am - a Much cooler day for riding in ... about 30*c mid afternoon - a LOT Better than 52*C in Norseman the day before .... I never want to do that again - especially now some 40 Years Later in life .... Struth that is Scary - what has happened to those 40 years ??? Still I AM RIDING AGAIN after 20 years layoff, and that has to be good - right ? It has been nearly 2 years since I bought the Vulcan - and the only parts I haven't enjoyed are Having the bike fall on top of me at the letterbox out front - Should have put the sidestand down and got off the bike - Ho Hum, Ouch !!! dumb-ass !!! and the time when the 79 year old irish great granny smashed into me in town - that was NOT Very pleasant at all ... but the rest of the 2 years has been brilliant riding and loved every minute of it ...
Memories are Great Things - Well, SOME of them Are Anyway ... Keep out of the 52*C Days ...
Cheers All -
Ride Safe ..

Interesting read Greg. Keep them coming.

I got plenty of them Terry - I just have to dig them out of the distant past occasionally .... they are great to amuse myself with some days....
Ride Safe ...

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