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The Black Bitch

The Black Bitch

Added some leds to my bike looks great, still have to install under the frame but I got the engine covered, and I'm becoming very proficient at riding! Yes I named her the black bitch lol, hope no one is offended if so I apologize in advance.


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Looking good. People should be able to see you at night. Glad you are getting better at riding. Be safe out there

You might be pushing some borders here but hell ... why not !
Lighten Up ! ! ! Biggrin

As long as you take great care of her, she will probably put up with you calling her a bitch...

As long as there not blue lights. Some cops have issue with them.
Wife calls hers Bad Ass. A back V Star 650 classic.

Looks good!

Looks good.

I've been thinking of a name for her lol and boom it hit me! She's a good bitch tho I love her, and her green lingerie looks good on her, was gonna go blue but wife favorite color is green so I went with that

Looking good.
Definition of bitch
1 : the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2 a : a lewd or immoral woman
b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3 : something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
4 : complaint
All depends on the context of what one thinks. Having been around dogs for many years and having several females who had pups, this is my first thought when I hear "bitch", 2nd thought is the complaint one. In SD, it was fairly common part of conversation that someone was bitching about something

Hey David, I like the name, and the LED lights! I'm glad to hear you're feeling more comfortable with handling that big bike now too. Just keep your head up and keep a sharp eye out for all the dumb things people will do, every day, that might have a negative impact on your ride. Keep the shiny side up!! Biggrin

I like the lights, it's not allowed in Holland. Not in the color blue, red, orange, green or even purple! It's not allowed here by law nd the Police wil give you a high ticket and you have to remove it right at the moment the stop you....

But I think it's nice to see!

It varies here in the states on whether you can ride with them on or not.

I've been told certain colors in Arkansas are illegal. But never been told that by the police

Wow, Gert! Are all of those colours used for emergency vehicles? Must be very confusing to know what the emergency is!

LenDirk, for some stupid reason it's just not allowed to have any neonlights, no matter the color!

Gert, can they be on the bike, but just not be used while riding at night. Or do they say not even parked?

Yea I'm at a crossroad, the black bitch just isn't settling well with me I've got two choices Serenity which is how I would describe what the ride does for me, also my lil girls name, or the punisher help lol I just wanna name her right

Probably couldn't go wrong with your little girls name.

It is up to you Dave. Are you into the wannabe 1%er biker image, bad ass, or just an enthusiast about motorcycles like the other 99%. Serenity sounds cool to me. Or you could go comic and be the Green Lantern.

I`d go for what comes up in your feel when you ride.
I like the way I learned at least some of the Indians gave name to their children.
Characteristics ! Smiley-laughing

Hilarious thread, and Randy's etymology post is classic.

I usually use that term in a pejorative way so The Black Bitch struck me strangely as the lights are fascinating to me. I had lights on my Valk, she is a girl you know, years ago before LEDs became de rigeur. I need to mount some more.

I like your musing Dave, will be interesting to see where you go with that VTX's name. Great bike.

Dave I came to think of yours and mine LOL
When I grew up I did not have time to read books so much, too much fun live outdoor with friends!
Then I got a present in form of a book about an indian boy who among other things became friends with a wild horse. His connection to that horse and the freedom he had riding on the prairie on his friend really attracted me and made me feel so good!
So now, after many years and bikes I bought myself the most beautiful bike I could think of, a black Suzuki Intruder 800 ! So what would I call it ! Well, she gives me the freedom I was attracted to and needed and she is really beautiful ! Not difficult for me at all !
She is my BLACK BEAUTY ! Biggrin
Looking forward to your decision ! Smiley-laughing

I came up with peacemaker, having high anxiety when I ride I'm at peace I'm focused yet clear headed, she makes me peaceful and all my thoughts go away, I am bipolar, agoraphobic, w severe anxiety, not so much anymore. Smiley-laughing

Glad you Got that BIKE ! Biggrin
Name her something Good that matches your Peace ! Smiley-laughing

Look back in archives on discussions What do you call your bike. We got new people. We can do another.

Betsy called her Rebel Blacky. She her present bike is BAD ASS. But she rather uneasy around the 1% crowd none the less. I've told her, You don't piss them off they wont bother you at all.
Mine is, Blue Steel Pony. Sort of a throw back to my horse riding days.

Depending on the day, mine is Blue Flying Wing or Big "eFfing" Wing (my licence plate starts with "BFW") Biggrin

Just me and my Shadow... And she treats me right!

Instead of bitch, how about Vixen, a female fox. VTX , it seems to fit. I call all my vehicles FRED, it's an acronym. LOL.

Good idea Capt , lets start a new one about names for your bike !
I did not have my own horse like I understand you`ve got but I was lucky enigh to get some years with espesially two of the kind!
Great Years with Great company outback ! Smiley-laughing

I'll just keep it simple... I'll call my bike "Red".

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