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Bling Bling from CC

Hi guys here is the picture of my vstar 650 classic after adding 4inch risers, back fender bib, front fender rail and front axle cap.
Thanks to Adam n Dim for coming over and helping me out with the installations. The ride is so much comfy after adding the risers. Love my vstar even more after that. 


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Looks good VK. Great support Adam & Dim.

Looks awesome...i had a white vstar awhile back !!

Great looking adds.

Yes I need to see about adding a set of risers to my bike. Need the bars to come back another inch or two to be totally comfortable.

Always great to have friends to help you out, specially when it turns out like it did! Nice looking ride and even more comfortable for you to ride now!

A great looking ride VK you've done some very tasteful modes.

VK looks really cool, they do make a difference.

Looks good!

I like the fender bib. It really goes well with the saddlebags Smiley-laughing

Great job on the upgrades VK.

lookin good

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