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Bridge Across Lake Koocanusa

Bridge Across Lake Koocanusa

Took a little ride down to Libby Mt. this past weekend to meet up with my good buddy Ben (Bens09Shadow) & a good friend of his.
This lake runs about a hundred miles long between British Columbia Canada and Montana USA
It’s about 50 miles of twists & turns along the edge of the lake to Libby Dam, then on to the town of Libby.
What a spectacular ride!


Own Photo: 


Great photo! Great to see you back here!

Great photo Noof. Good to see you again.

Very nice...beautiful country !

That’s a beautiful ride, along the west side of the lake. Richard and I did it about 6 or 7 years ago

Thanks guys.
Hey Len, I always ride the east side. The west side has gotten real rough. Both sides are gorgeous though.
So you’re off to Never Never Land again (down under) in a few days. Need me to take care of the Valk whilst you’re away? Feed it, exercise it ...... ?

Beautiful scenery

Peter, you’ll see gobs of that very sort of beauty when you ride with Scruffy next month.

Will add it to my bucket list to do. Work still seems to get in the way. Good to see you back on the site letting us know you're still kickin around.

Thanks Noof ... very much looking forward to it ... only 18 days to go before I fly out !

Wish I could have gone with you two. But I had to make the wife HAPPY and headed out to Williams lake. 4 days of just setting and doing nothing stuff I can't stand. I know you two had way more fun that me// Next time.

Sounds awesome! That is honestly one of the only areas of the US that I haven't seen yet! (Montana is one of the six states I haven't seen)
Great photo!

What a bridge. Looks fun


Interesting fact about that bridge; It's the tallest one in Montana - but you can't tell, because most of it is underwater. It was built before they flooded Lake Koocanusa.

Hey Len, aren’t you off to the Land Down Under today?
I was going to give you a call, but I knew you’d be busy getting ready to go.

Yup, left Calgary at 9:15 on Saturday night, got to Brisbane 8:05 Monday morning (local time, 3:05 Sunday afternoon in Calgary)

Have a great work-cation Len!

Thanks Randy! My wife is actually going to come down for a couple of weeks too. Looking forward to her arrival

... and Spratty was on a weekend roadtrip instead of waiting for Len’s arrival at Brisbane airport, with a bunch of flowers in hand ... LOL

Very nice pic, great to see you and your stunning VTX back. Smiley-laughing

Great pic Noof. Nice scenery and your bike tops it off.

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