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British women riders during the war


Great pic. Bikes look like Triumphs ?? Notice the difference in footwear

Cool story.

Agreed, great image.
Vardy, definitely a Triumph twin on the left or could possibly be a retro 2019 scrambler, Triumph does the retro stuff so well. But the bike on the right looks more like a BSA M20. You sparked my interest so did a bit of googling.

The women definetly know how to dress for the English weather. The mail must be delivered. They would of been a friendly face to many soldiers.

Very cool.

The link was informative. A shame the photos were fuzzy.

Don't know why the link gave you fuzzy photos. I just checked it, they were fuzzy at first until they got loaded.

The bike to the left. That triangle on the engine case is a Triumph logo.

I'll try it again Randy but will wait 5 minutes. My internet is 0.7Mb download.

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