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Bruce, The Silverwing Scooter.......and Rain

Bruce, The Silverwing Scooter.......and Rain

I rode to Grand Forks to meet up with this guy. He's an old friend and we've worked together at three different companies, as well. He went to Ontario last fall and bought this Honda Silverwing (600 cc) scooter. He decided to ride it across the continent, via the USA, to Calgary and asked if I'd meet him half way. 


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Wow, what a ride that'd be on a scooter yet.

600cc is plenty of ooomph and a scooter would be way comfortable ! Well done to him !

I agree Vardy. Whilst not large these days, I would have killed for 600ccs as a younger person.

The scooter did great; 110 kph, all day long. He found the only problem was riding in the wind; it's a little too light for good he wants me to help him find a bagger.

A meet up like that makes a friend a real friend. Smiley-laughing

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