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Calgary meets Sydney

Calgary meets Sydney

Had a chance to meet up with Len for a quick coffee in Toowoomba today. It could have been longer but Len blamed my poor directions and his inferior GPS for the delay in catching up. Was great and sorry it wasn’t longer. Thanks for taking the time out Len. Enjoy the next couple of weeks with the boss when she arrives.


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Nice !!

Good to see you both taking the opportunity for an international catch up.

Great's like you guys have known each other for years.
Al, did you ever consider that it may have been deliberate, just sayin!!!

A nice catch up of CC members.


Nice one fellas. A bit chilly in Toowoomba.

Dave, not as cold as when we left Armidale Tuesday morning. 0 Centigrade (32 Fahrenheit for you others). Glad we were in the car.

Yep, notice we both had our national CCC tees on.

Dub, I guess we have known each other for years via the Community. I’ve been here over 10, Len about 6. Certainly didn’t seem like we’d only just met.



That is what it is all about. Just like when I met Marek and Gert in person. Almost like old times right off the bat.

No doubt true !

It was just a shame it was only a short meeting.

a short meeting is still better than no meeting

Yep. It certainly was.

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