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Calgary Motorcycle Show 2016

a few custom bikes At the 2016 Calgary Motorcycle show. One is a real "steam punk" with copper tubing used in place of a radiator. 


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Nice selection of bikes. Guess that's why it's a bike show. Good pics

That copper could double as a still. Lol

Yes it would Valerie

And they call it that old Mountain Dew. La La La. Everybody join in! That good old Mountain Dew. La La

Mountain Dew. LA LA

I got mountain dew in my whiskey. There some interesting bikes.

Interesting but I would not have any of them in my stable, not my type.

C'mon Randy, I can see you riding that Honda 400 Twin!

No, I've come to be fairly fond of the Bird and the Rebel.. Unless something drastic happens, I suspect they will be with me till I quit riding. Just like my wife, picked the right one to start with, going on 33 years now.

Congratulations to you and your wife

A bike that you can drink its fuel. Smiley-wink

That steampunk looks uncomfortable to sit on...

Randy, someone's put up with you for 33 years? Sounds like a keeper! Hehehe

Great selection. I like the "still bike", good old moonshine. LOL.

might need a plumber to work on that steam one,ha

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