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Can You See Me Now

Can You See Me Now

Installed LED driving lights a couple weeks ago. This past weekend installed the matching headlights




Nooo! All I can see is a bright white light!

Lol. They are supposed to be blue. But as long they can see something

That was a bright idea!!!

They should be able to see you now.

Ha! Peter stole my line! The lights do look great though!

That should get their attention. The more bright lights the better to see bambi with and all the clowns driving on the road to see you. Nice work the are BRIGHT!!!!

Those are bright Allen, I can see you all the way from Missouri. Smiley-laughing

Looks good Allen. I weighed up the cost versus amount of times I ride at night and I swayed away from them. I'm a day rider usually so the cost didn't add up. But I understand that even in the day you need to be seen. It was all about cost really, to go all LED was to much.

Raymond the driving lights did cost almost 300(USD). The guy that I had installed them charged me 50(USD). To change out the light bulbs in the motorcycle cost less than 13(USD). Installed those myself

Allen, I have changed out one driving light bulb and both low beam headlight bulbs. Before I attempted it, I watched a how to, video on YouTube. It made it much easier than having to discover the best way by trial and error.

Yes TG, same here YouTube first

I installed four LED spotlights on my Honda Crosstourer before I ieft on my round-Australia trip. I bought them off eBay and they are Chinese-made. The cost me AU$75, as opposed to nearly AU$500 for either OEM or branded lights. I don't usually buy "cheap Chinese junk" for my bikes but I figured that if anything was going to have the crap shaken out of it, it would be spotlights hanging off the crash bars, so I saw them as a throw-away item. 30,000 kilometres later they are still going strong. They do suffer a bit from water egress during strong rain but once they dry out they are fine. The water problem started when I accidentally pointed a high pressure hose at them while washing the bike .... DOH!!

Not supposed to use HI pressure hose. Wash the bike like it is a baby

Yeah, I know Randy ... I decided to use the hph to get rid of all the red dust from around the lower part of the bike about mid way through my trip . I lost concentration and waved the wand around and squirted water directly at the lights !!

They look very bright Allen and a good colour match also

I fitted A HID to the Vulcan and its very bright as well and have the led spots on the crash bars

Lookin` good mate ! Smiley-laughing
Bet you`ll be noticed ! Lol

Arild, I sure hope so

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