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Commence evil laughter.



I've had truck drivers come in at work, to load, and some of them tell me to leave room on the front of the trailer for a motorcycle, they are picking up

Good on him ... makes a change from seeing a bicycle strapped on the back as the town runabout

Gotta like that!

That's a brilliant idea for those long trips away from your ride.

And protected as well

That is a good idea. You get to ride when there is a lay over.

I want to know how you load it.

I love it

Yes I have seen a few of these combinations here in Medford off and on.

Albert, this is from an add selling the 14 foot (4,27 meter) loading ramp modified from a pickup (ute) bed setup.

Interesting !!! Good use of the Space behind the Cab ... First time I have seen a bike there ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ...


Cool hydraulic lift and loading ramp.

this guy ups it by having his bike enclosed and can probably look at while falling asleep in bed.

Both incredible

WOW What great Setup - that second rig must be 30ft Plus before the turntable ... They sure do have ALL the BIG GUNS over there .... If I ever get over there I won't be coming back here .... Smiley-laughing

He must have one of those systems to bring it off the truck. Otherwise its going to be a SOB to load and unload.

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