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Carb Sync

Carb Sync

While taking time to overthink my overly bright tach, I decided to make a carb sync...although it looks like a Hannibal Lecter bloodletting contraption (which actually had some neighbours yelling over 'hows the patient?') it worked really well...the sync was way off as one vacuum was drawing the fluid almost up and over the top of the stick when I started. After messing with the adjustment screw for about 20 minutes, I finally got the carbs sync'd (fluid levels even)...and what a difference in performance - a lot less vibration and higher RPM to shift (from 3500 on my tach to 4000). I wasn't sure it would make as much difference as it did...and probably saved me a ton by making one, as opposed to buying guages or taking it into the shop to have it done.
Minimal cost - 1 @ 3/16 hose, 1 @ homemake stand marked off in inches, [email protected] 2 cycle engine oil, a bunch of cable ties.




Ingenuity at it's best. When I need my heart synced, i"ll pay you a visit. You'll be way cheaper than the doctor trying it.


Well done mate! You have a lot of patience

What a brilliant idea!!! Very good

Excellent Gordo.
How did you come up with that solution, did you read about it?

Low tech has always worked for me good thinking Gordo

Well done Gordo!

Genius!! a home made manometer. There is probably no better way to do this.

I made a similar device for my suzuki bandit 1200 inline 4 cyl. Your right on the money that sync carbs makes a engine performance incredibly better. I would bet most bikes from the factory could use this procedure. I set mine every season and I can tell you the engine operation and perfomance is well worth the time to do this.....

ok question, are the two adjustment screws? if there is only one than the answer is easy. if one column of oil is higher than the other which carb do you adjust, do you go down on the high to match the low one or do you go up on the low to meet the high one, or if there are 2 adjustment screws do you turn both and meet in the middle. hope this make sense oh ya what range should the fluid be set at?

how tall of a stand and long hose

ok watched some more youtube, only one screw. maybe this will help my starting, when its hot like this week 40 degrees and i ride alot when i stop for about half hour the bike wont start right away like the gas has evaporated out of the bowls and then i flood it so wtf.

is it possible to make the front carb vacuum hose longer, cap it and place it behind the air cleaner? because if i do this a couple time a year it sure would be handy not to remove the air cleaner all the time. since its a capt nub anyway, or would the longer hose make any difference.

Thanks for the comments...there are a couple of videos youtube... Hey got it...just one screw to adjust...if you do it, be sure of a couple of things...first, in one of the video, the guy uses water which is an absolute no no...second, get some really good black high heat vacuum line if you are going have a permanent coupler. had thought of that as well, actually running 2 lines as the skull is bolted on and gives me zero room to get to the left side as well... and having the 2 hook up 'ports' in the tool kit area so I can plug and play whenever I want. The first time I tried, I took too long with the adjustment; one hose opened up with the heat and came off, sucking all the 2 stroke oil into the engine through the other line...this was a pain because I had to start over - filling the hose, getting the air bubbles out (2 stroke oil tastes like s*** btw) and taking off the tank again to connect the right side line. According to one of the video's the line length doesn't matter. One it's done though and as Todd commented, it's well worth the time.

its done, made a thingy and attached the hoses to the dewhickies, the rong one at first, didn't work right put the hose on the correct nipple finished in 5 min, to to test ride. my oil tastes like vanilla

went for a rip, sounds different, 110km/h and the mirrors dont shake anymore

Well done guys!

As Monty Burns would say - 'EXCELLENT' .... Such a simple device setup properly makes the Carb Balancing a part of the Service & Tuneup proceedure to make sure the bike is running at its best all the time - Great sense & feeling of achievement and getting to know your bike is key to a long and trouble free riding life ....
Good onya Gordo - Way to Go Bro' ....
Ride Safe ....

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