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Carby Vacuum Passed HONDA SHADOW

Carby Vacuum Passed HONDA SHADOW

So after taking out the Ball Bearing & Spring, Put the Conecter back onto the hose, Go to where the hose joins down the bottom, There you will find a three way splitter, Follow the hose that comes out on the right hand side of 3 way splitter to down past the frame & pull it out & put up under the left side cover I put mine throught the Battery holder framing, Then put little fuel filter onto end of Hose ( You May have to Cut the hose in 2) & if you have enugh hose rout it down past frame if not put another same size hose onto it to do so.




Whats this now? This is a vent line? Venting what?

It vents built up pressure from CV Carbys

Carberators? Australian term im guessing?
I guess my reasoning for my question is if it was my bike I would use a paper type filter if its purpose is to keep dust out also. Those metal type screen filters only really work properly when they contain fluid. Being dry the dust can get through the pores. But if I still misunderstand what your trying to do then please forgive me.

Carbys = Carburettors
Aussies tend to abbreviate and add a Y to everything. Come on down and we will teach you the lingo. Smiley-laughing

Ya i would love to come over and ride with you in your country. But its pretty hot over there I think I would melt away. Maybe a visit in your winter would work for me

Good thinking Mile, I have a paper one on the Antipollution bypass, At the time I could not get a Smaller Paper one will look around but if not This will do for time being Thx

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