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Casual Friday at Work

Casual Friday at Work

I just spent the last 3 hours inputing data for our quarterly tax statements and needed a diversion. What better than to take a stupid photo of myslef.
Today was casual day at work so I rode in and wore my new freebie Cruiser Customising T Shirt for the first time. The shirt looks good, not so sure about the mannequin showing it off. I just could not get the stupid model to smile. I told myself plenty of times to just smile but for the life of me I just couldn't do it.


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Smile Norman SMILE...LOL

Great picture Norman...I get it....I can't smile for myself either....

I was smiling on the inside:)

Don't worry Norman i'm the same, i take a horrible photo especially if it is close up, but the tee shirt looks great.

It was free so free always looks good, :). TNX

nice Norman i to dont smile much

lol feeling better is correct but still have a very rough test schedule ahead of me. ill have to see how i feel after that is done and let you know then if im better.

till then i just got a temporary patch to a bullet wound so to speak lol.

Chin up, keep smiling and never, ever give up!

sheeesh Norman LOL your a motivational speaker too?

Smiley-laughing thanks brother that was a much needed smile you just put on my face
kinda reminds me of an old brit friend of mine Douglas MacKenzie Smiley-laughing he was a British Royal Marine. larger than life and almost as tall lol. he always said that to me "chin up boy or you will run into a pole"
funny how small phrases can bring back so many memories, thanks again Norman lol once more you're a diamond in a gem field

Smiley-laughing . The other expression I like is "don't let the bastard win" or don't give the f_ _ ckers the satiisfaction. Smiley-laughing

Aussies and Brits and a lot in common. Glad I could bring back a good memory.

you did Norman i even sent him a message after 3 years
im not the best for keeping in contact after i left the military lol never been one for letters or even email as some know ( sorry guys ) thats just one of my quirks people hate about me. Smiley-laughing love me or leave me lol

I'll bet I'm worse at it than you Gal....growing up military and serving myself...the one thing I do well is move on.....

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