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Celebrating Simone's birthday in a hotel in Winterberg, Germany.


Happy Birthday Simone. Many happy returns

Robbing the cradle you are Gert, happy 25th Simone.

25th???? LOL Randy.... I could change her for two age 21! But I'm not sure if I could handle that!!! Lol

Better hang on to what you got Gert

Good on you Simone. You made it another year!!!

I'll Allen... that's for sure!

Happy birthday Simone, enjoy it

Gert, you could be in trouble giving away Simone's actual age. Better to go with 25.

Yeah Randy, 42 sounds old isn't it?

actually 42 sounds pretty young to me.

42?? She's just a young 'un!! You cradle robber!! LOL. Happy Birthday Simone.

You're an old fart Randy!

Thanks all...

And getting older and hopefully wiser but that is highly debatable

LOL... I'm soo glad I'm not the one who has to say it!

Happy birthday Simone. When I grow up, I want to be just like Gert. Smiley-laughing

Glad you still can remember TG! LOL

Seems you two had a good time celebrating Simone's birthday. Many more to come along. Simone.

Happy birthday Simone. Hope Gert took you s omewhere nice.

He did Al, to Winterberg Germany.

Randy, have you ever visited Winterberg during the tree years you lived in Germany?

No. When we went skiing, the trips were usually into Austria or Switzerland.

Nice relaxed shot.
One week late is hopefully better than never, Congrats on your B-day Simone. For many more to come.

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