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checking out the bikes at the Poker run, Sweden 2017


A good turnout.

Lots of bikes. Hope they raised a lot of money

Great photo. Love the group shots.

Probably was between 200-300 bikes their. Supposedly some of it was for charity, the other part for the club that sponsored it.

Wow, I would think it was all for charity


Only 200 to 300 Bikes Randy? I thought it was a lot more... Maybe I see double and I've to change my contact lenses!!! LOL

I never did a poker run. To be honest, this was my first big group ride I ever did, so for me it was a whole new experiance. It was a good day, meeting two co bus drivers and friends from Marek who joined us that day, visiting the club house at the start of the run and the run itself. The end of the day we had a BBQ at Mareks place together with Eva and Markus with friend and wife (Mareks children). It was a very nice day!!!

Will need to post some pics or a video of the barbecue

Cool happening ! Smiley-laughing
Way to have a ride !

Looks like a big lineup. It's awesome when you can be among that many other riders

Big turnout.

That ride must have resembled the Rolling Thunder rides.

Not even close Topgun. Marek says the Stockholm poker run gets between 500 - 1000 bikes.

March of dimes bikers for babies ride in 2009 the first time I rode it there was just under 1600. I stopped to road guard an intersection in downtown cazenovia, (some of you know where that is,) and sat for ten minutes before all the bikes went past. It was awesome.

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