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Cleaned the chain, the carburators, new oil...

Cleaned the chain, the carburators, new oil...

Little Red is ready for winterseason, but first let‘s enjoy the good weather we have at this moment... It feels like spring!!!! 


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Gosh is it getting that time again already!!!

Yes Val... September... with a bit of luck two more months with the Yamaha but most years the end of October is the end of the season and we have to wait till next year March or April... That’s the reason I have my Honda. I can use that bike whole year round only when there is ice or snow or to heavy wind and rain... I don’t ride in that kind of weather and road conditions...

Great job Gert!
I feel bad for you guys in Winter.

Keep giving Little Red some TLC and it will be good to you in return. The best riding part of the year is occurring here as well.

NO winter here for 2 months yet. It is good to get ready for it

Yes Gert. Enjoy the rides while the weather is good.
Good to see little red is ready.

Yep. I need to get the air con on the Oldwing fixed. Already getting temps of 30C plus.

Make the most of the riding weather Gert - Get out and enjoy it mate ... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe....

Snow on the peaks now . Bike will be cleaned and dried today and stored before the frost hit the house. 6 months no ride . Snowmobile next up. ☺ I hope you'll have a long warm autumn Gert to ride around down there. Take care mate.

Thanks Arild and sad to hear your season is already over. But I know how much you enjoy the snow and the walks with your dog and going with the snowmobile. We still have good weather, good.... Good enough to go for some rides. Today it was heavy wind and rain but I took the bike. Next few days will give nice weather. In October we will have one week Spain again. Some sun before winter. And Marek and I talked about visiting him somewhere in November... Who knows, we could see eachother once Arild... Take care and enjoy!

Thanks ! That would be Awsome if we could! Who knows ?

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