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Just what I need. Now I can be the real CLOWN  I have my own car. This thing runs and the lights work and is street legal.  



Own Photo: 



Anyone want a ride? Gert this would be perfect for you little streets. 100cc two seater convertible.

Man, I would love something like that. I’ve seen a couple of Honda’s here similar to this but only 50cc.

Does it come with a Ronald McDonald costume?

Vardy I wish... I may have to go get one..and lots of candy..

It needs a convertible top on it so you can drive it in the winter. I gather you got this since I have last been up there.

3/4 size Cam Am

Randy two days ago just showed up. Cap not 3/4 , 1//4 at best.

Dang! That's small.

Free is always good but I want to see you get in it

OK it is a tight fit.

Which foot? Lol.

If you are a tight fit, then no hope at all for me other then my knees up beside my face. Was this the protoype for the Polaris slingshot?

I can get in, it's getting out that sucks. You have to crawl in and fall out onto the ground.

Cool! It does look like a Can-Am Spyder wheelbase.

That would be the perfect replacement for my car.

The Phantom? In that?

Yep you heard it right a car.

Well, there is room for Devil

My first thought is a street legal amusement ride. Smiley-laughing

It is amusing to try and ride in this thing.

Maybe take the big clown shoes off....

Any chance of a video of the car running?

Matt, it can’t hasn’t got feet....

Val is going to be here SO We are going for a ride. She will be so happy to so. I am going to meet up with her tomorrow somewhere along the Columbia River Gorge. She is headed to MT Hood in Oregon.

Hopefully your skies are much clearer up there. I can't see the hills around the valley as the smoke is rather thick at the moment.

NO smoke here just 105F Blue skies and wind.

Enjoy the ride guys.

WE will then a BBQ that evening. A ride in a nice blue smurf car

Great plan! Don't drink and drive in the smurf car, there are Blue reputations to uphold.

I'll just get some BLUEBERRY WINE and we'll be all good.

Can we please see a photo of Val driving the Smurf car .... LOL

Have fun a Mt Hood. For a native east coast person a mountain that tall and can be seen from 60 miles away is mind boggling.

Yes we need video of the Smurf car in action.

Yep. Video required or it didn’t happen.

Capt; I was just over 100 miles from MT Hood today and it stood tall in the foreground. I was looking for Val. found her inside Mc Donalds having Ice cream. It was hot today. Road 3hrs up and back with VAl. Now she is sleeping in the motor home it's 11:30 pm. VIDEO IS coming soon.

Nice to hear that Valerie has manage to navigate around all the fires in the region. Enjoy.

Still blows my mind to see It that far away.

When something sticks up in the air at 11000 plus feet, it tends to stand out even when you are far from it.

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