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Completely ready and happy with the first ride!

Completely ready and happy with the first ride!

It is a difference. The little one completely "dressed" like this or they way I had it before as a naked bike... I think this is a good extra investment, the more I basacly bought the Honda for using in winter... it protect more as I thought before against wind and I'm sure also against rain so... I'm happy, even more as before with the little Honda!


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It really looks good. You should be able to get more use out of it in the winter. Maybe some heated grips?

It looks faster as well!

The 'little one' looks very racy fast, Now all you need is some one piece leathers to look the part and go out and do some knee scraping leaning........

Looks great Gert

Looks sharp!

Looks great!!

They are already on the bike Edwins! I mean the heated grips...

Good job Gert. Looks neat.

Your little Honda looks fantastic, Gert! Good job.

Looks terrific Gert but more importantly a bit more winter ride protection. Enjoy.

YOU have done a great job with your little red bike. It should be good for winter and rain protection.

But you’ll be hot in summer. Lol.

Listen Al, it’s always good to be prepared!!!

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