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I think some  members at the Ulysses AGM may have imbibed too much. He was eventually reminded that he had to hitch it to his bike.


Own Photo: 


Hard road home !!

Did you have the same problem Al? Smiley-wink

Or he forgot what his bike looked like after drinking too much or that is all of his drink that he is keeping safe so no one else takes it.

It's going to be a long trip if he does it like that, lol

I think I heard him say “ Just taking the trailer for a run”....

Tezza, not me. Hooked the camper to the back of the Oldwing successfully.

I think he's had more than a couple. How long has he been walking around with the trailer.

This was Monday....and it started the previous 8 days.

"Next year, I'm bringing the bike."

I think he argued with his wife and she took the bike....

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