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Cover page

Cover page

The is the cover to my photo pamphlet on how to remove and reinstall a Vstar 1100 Engine.  And how to replace a head gasket.  If this interests you bookmark this page as all following pages will be linked.

Dedicated to all my friends at Cruiser Customizing, and to all Vstar 1100 riders present and future.

The discussion that brought about this pamphet

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Spectacular shot there Drew. It is awesome to know another expert in the community who knows how to turn a wrench. You have done an outstanding job on your V-Star.

Wonderful picture Drew and I agree with TG... lots of knowledge about technical issues and a great help for lots of people who ask their questions here on CC!

Have fun Drew

Well done Drew. Hope it gets the popularity it deserves.

Good looking shot Drew. I know I don't have the patience to do anything like changing a motor.

Sweet cover page! Before I started reading I thought it was a calendar or something. Good luck in your engine rebuild adventure! (...and thanks for the video plug on page 1)

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