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Crocodile country #1 of 3


Just a little hide and seek..

Don't go into the water. Smiley-laughing

Only for the moment, but I can easily disappear.

What a Croc !!! ...
Swim Safe ...

Looking for new shoes?

Definetly no swimming in their Peter.Look only.

Just chilliń

It will make some nice custom made boots. We eat gator here in the states. Hope they can make a meal out of that thing too. When your out in the bush. You watch more then your back.

Cap ... crocodile isn’t readily available but yes, we do eat it. Big industry in farming crocodiles for their leather. All crocs in the wild are protected ... no shooting allowed unless the croc has gone rogue.

I like crocodile food and boots

If that thing ends up in your back yard that's rogue enough. there went the collie.

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