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Custom LED Lights

Custom LED Lights

Although the lights appear to be purple, they are actually blue (you can see the blue on the ground under the bike).


Looks good. Are you allowed in your State to ride with them on?

Actually, I asked a cop one time (got pulled over for speeding, but he gave me a warning) if I would be allowed to ride with the LED ligths on. His response was: "If you ride behind someone and the person in front of you pulls over thinking you are a cop due to blue/red lights and a cop this taking place, he can give you a ticket for imitating a cop."

In short, the lights are illegal; however, it honestly depends on a cop. If s/he has a bad day, you'll most likely get a ticket. If you catch him/her on a good day, s/he will not bother or you'll get a warning. Also, if you do decide to have the lights (ground efffect) on a vehicle (in OH where I live), the bulbs cannot be seen (just lights).

I only have my engine lights on when I park my bike at bike nights.

Looks good

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