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custom seat

custom seat

decided to do my own seat,
from shaping an oem plastic seat pan, 1 layer of underlay, kneeling memory foam for the sweet spot ,shaping and covering it with a old jacket i had. think i did a very nice job


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That looks excellent, Eynstyn! Hope you get many comfortable miles out of it. You'll certainly generate a lot of interest when people see it!


That looks great!!

Dig it !! I like making something and getting a second use out of it.

Cool and unique. Always nice to have one of a kind that no one else else.

That looks pretty cool!
Will it take long to dry when you wash the bike?

its only on for special events, the foam is bagged and i guess i could put one over the seat itself.
i use my gator seat the rest of the year.


Looks Really Trick ... Nice .... Says it All hey .... Hard Rock never hurt anyone ... I hope it is Comfy for you too.
Ride Safe ...

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