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Dark side


There is no dark side to the force, it only looks that way.

If one rides straight roads majority of the time, why not. I wouldn't do it for any mountain roads like I ride on around here.

I suppose it's obvious from the worn tyre that there are very few turns and bends on you way to work and back...perhaps it's the obvious choice!!!
Should get 30,000 miles out of those treads!

Whatever suits !

Not for me. I'll stick to the proper motorcycle tire, but hey, if it makes you happy.

I'm with Bill, but I have lots of Valkyrie owner friends who swear allegiance to the Dark Side...

Looks like you can justify a car tyre!

Got a buddy that has 2 valks and refuses to use a bike tire on the back. He can corner till it scrapes. I’ll still stick to bike tires though

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