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date is wrong, actually today 1/4/2018

date is wrong, actually today 1/4/2018

trying out my new camera.  My midland camera died.  In the very far back ground is Mt McLoughlin tall enough at 9000 feet to have some snow on it.  Our local ski resort hill at 7000 feet has very little snow.  Still closed.  Got up to 55 F today.  Rode the Rebel about 30 miles around town to put a full charge into the battery I installed.


Own Photo: 


Warmer up there than down here! What camera did you get? The photo looks good.

the brand is Akaso. a go pro knock off. paid 80 for it. Supposed to be 4 K. 12 migapexal. Will see how the vid turns out here when I look at them tomorrow.

Good to see your getting some ride time

Yes it is warmer there Randy. We woke up to 12F this morning. The Rebel is looking good

today 1/5 is still on the warm side of 52 F but is drizzling out. Will work on get a video put together of my riding around yesterday

Good to see you’re able to go for a ride Randy. For me it was about 6 weeks ago, and that’s not oke, it feels bad and its not the reason I bought little red but the weather just was to bad to go for a ride. Maybe next week because the weather pronauncement promised a few dry days for the first time in weeks!! With a few degrees below zeer during nights and only a few debpgrees above zeer during daytime it will be a short ride, but hé... as we always say: “a ride is a ride!” About the camera. From the moment I lost my 440 euro Gopro I bought a only 80 euro Denver and the quality is realy better as I even hoped for.... so, it doesn’t have to be to bad! Let’s see what vids you’ll show us with your camera!

"Mt McLoughlin tall enough at 9000 feet to have some snow on it" - well at that height at this time of year over there it should have plenty of snow on it ...
I will be interested in seeing how the vids turn out on the New Camera ... it sounds like the one I will be getting next month I hope ....
cheers -

Great to see you riding Randy. I'm beginning to feel like I may need to take a riding course before my next ride. A month is a long time out of the saddle for me. Smiley-laughing

Yes when I get my Bird back it will be like that. This is the first time I have gone over a month without having taken her out for a ride. May be another month or two before I get her back from the shop. Maybe I won't as they probably have seen my badmouthing the company from pulling out of the Medford and Eugene markets leaving the little man hanging. Probably trying to hold Bird as hostage. May have to go find a lawyer.

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