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Daughter's wedding

Daughter's wedding

My daughter got married last fall. Very proud father but poor. 


Own Photo: 


Congrats Rick. I know the feeling. Now we know why you haven't been on the site much.

I couldn't afford the internet
Thanks Randy

Congrats Rick... That's what I call a proud face!!! Smiley-laughing

Beautiful bride and one handsome dude hanging off her right arm! You scrub up well Rick.

Congrats to you and your daughter. Nice pic. As long as they are happy that's what counts. Not money

Thanks Peter, would you believe Harley don't sell tuxes.

Exactly Allen

Rick ... must be about the only thing they don't sell !

Oh I'm sure they sell them. I bet if you wrote them that you needed a Harley Tux for your daughters wedding one would magically appear...

Congrats Rick, they make a beautiful couple.

Proud moment!

Congrats Rick ! Quite a happening to experience ! Smiley-laughing

Congrats Rick and great to see you again.

Great photo Rick. I can see that you are proud. She is beautiful.

Well done her. Bloody good job she takes after her mother!!!

Thanks guys, you too

Very nice photo, Congrats!!! Very pretty young lady!!

Rick you only give them away once, so spend up big. I told my two once and once only. no money left also.
Don't worry can't be all bad you still have the Glide.
Nice pic mate very proud moment.

Congrats Rick.

Almost good looking in that fancy suit!

He cleaned up pretty good for a biker, I'd say.

Almost right Steve?

Thanks Animal, I try.

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