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Day 1 Blueridge Parkway


Looks great! Hope we pass some hole in the wall great place to eat that aint fancy but has good food

Randy, your going to be busy. We get to the hotel hopefully we can walk to the eats. And a cold one.

Wish I was joining you again ... but I’m on my own USA road trip as I type. Sitting on a (small) plane waiting to fly from Salt Lake City to Rapid city SD

Capt. so will I. Randy is a good leader. He stops at enough places so we can see all the nice things we are ridding through and he doesnt go so fast that all you see are blurs of the things you are going past.
Peter, you people that fly all over the place amaze me. The last time I was on a plane they had to drug me and I puked through the whole flight

We'll be thinking of you, Vardy.

Val, that's good. No fun if you cant see things. Besides, Betsy is not a aggressive hot rod rider. But she no slow poke.

The airplane stuff. I'm the one who cheers when we get struck by lighting and want to turn back and do it again. Or tries to float an ink pen in really bad turbulence. The maddest I've seen Bets is when I told her I was going to learn to fly. More on that when we get together.

Just landed RC ... bit of rockin and a rollin coming into land ... yeehar!!

I have ridden the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, both ways ... loved every minute of it. Enjoy guys!

Yes the calm days in South Dakota are far and few between. Usually and 10+ mph breeze and then the gusts up to 50 and then the storms where it can be 90 mph

What is this thing you guys are talking about eating? An apple turnover for breakfast, a burger for lunch, a snack bar around 3, and a small supper. Now on racquetball days, need to double all that so I don't loose any weight.

Can't go too fast, only will have 1300 cc instead of 1700 cc to push around. Fast is only for the long boring straight stretches of road with nothing to see but sagebrush or field crops.

Fast is getting there and back while there I'm going to be grandma.
Breakfast, pastry with coffee and coffee
Lunch, no big deal
Snack Smiley-laughing
Dinner, BEEF

The limit on the Parkway is 45. Nice man in uniform with badge and gun likes to keep it that way.

I'm sure we have him out gunned. Just sayin Its a Texas thing

Good luck with that LOL

Heck Barny Fife will still be looking for his bullet when we ar long gone.
I have never gotten a ticket on my bike,just iny car. I think cause they are always surprised to see me under the helmet. Lol

If traffic anything like the coast roads with campers motor homes etc there is no speeding in the twisties

When Hagar and I rode it there was almost zero traffic all the way to Gettysburg and we saw one police car!

I'm sure they have cameras

either June 8 early PM before they close at 5 PM or June 9 at 9 am when they open, I and whoever follows, will be going to the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley.

Sounds like you are going to have a ball! Have a great time and I will look forward to the photos.

Wheels of time has senior rates too. I think this is a must do.

I have 2 free tickets (well they cost a $100). 2 tickets, Tshirt, 16 tickets for the raffle on the 1936 Harley Davidson EL knucklehead). 2nd place 10,000, 3rd $5000.

Tickets to what

Tickets to the Wheels through Time museum.

So the tickets are.$50 each!!!

ouch !!

Tickets are $15. Randy ent all out and bought extra stuff

OK. That I can work with. Remember, I'm traveling with the minister of finance Admiral Betsy, and trust me. $50 would be vetoed.

LOL I heard that. My budget is not so big either

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